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Access Control

  • Quality Locksmith Access Control Systems

    Picking out the best system to suit your needs is massively important; you want to provide the perfect level of access and security you require. There always needs to be a balance between keeping the business safe but also issuing a level of convenience to yourself and your staff.

    Biometric Integration systems like fingerprint and eye scanners are 99% impossible to fool. As each human has a unique fingerprint and iris, these systems are perfect for locking down areas to select individuals. Such systems have been installed in Pharmaceutical Laboratories and technology businesses to guard areas and keep them locked down to key individuals. biometric systems increase access security massively and log any movement.

    Smartcard and key fob integrated systems are the way of the future. with the ease of having a card or key fob that can be programmed to access certain areas in buildings, it makes for not only a safer environment but a well managed environment.

    The good thing about access control systems (besides security) is door entry information, which is a standard measure for most access control systems. What this means for you is you can incorporate time management software that can be used with payroll software to log staff hours and attendance reports. Most companies have used this data when considering candidates for promotion; you really get a sense of who is going the extra mile within the company.

    The added benefits of access control

    • Increased security with integrated CCTV solutions.
    • Cost effective security, unmanned stand alone systems.
    • Ability to expand the system and add extra users.
    • Systems to suit any business type.
    • Time and attendance reports.
    • Visitor management solutions.

    Reap the benefits of security solutions and fully integrated access control systems by simply calling today on (888) 718-8652. We always have great staff members who are well educated with access control and can advise you on the best system to fit your needs.


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  • Card access control
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Door security systems
  • HID security systems
  • Parking security
  • Security cameras


  • - dr L. Brick

    Our return on investment with UAC Access Control Los Angeles was about a year, because we were spending so much money on keys prior to installing the system, we have been able to lower incidences of patients going into public spaces, and the control over staff access has been incredible.
  • - Mr J. Brown

    Every time I call you guys for help your technicians are very proficient, very accurate and very knowledgeable on your system. I love your equipment and I am going to keep using it every time I get the chance. Thank you!
  • - Mr A. Selfridge

    UAC Access Control Los Angeles as a company has always satisfied me with their expertise in access control and customer service. I would recommend you to anyone that asks.