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Video Surveillance

  • We have vast experience installing CCTV and security systems. Some of our biggest jobs have ranged from colleges to public libraries, shopping malls and even banks.

    We use the most up to date CCTV Surveillance technology to not only protect you but your business. Some of the amazing features our equipment incorporates are face recognition software, Auto license plate recognition, video analytics, HD cameras and night vision cameras.

    Our company has great relationships with product supply chains so we can offer you top of the line products at discounted prices. With the level of security installed you will soon see a full return on your investment with stock loss dropping and productivity increasing.

    The types of camera we use:

    time cameras - We employ the use of daytime and nighttime cameras that can give you full HD color images during the daytime and then switch to monochrome during night hours. The advantage of having HD monochrome cameras at night is they can pick up amazing detail to catch any unusual activity.

    Thermal Cameras – The advantage of using these cameras is they are fantastic in zero to very little light; we install most of these cameras along docks where fog is a big problem and very harsh weather conditions. By picking up heat signatures our staff can alert the police of any activity that is deemed strange. The cameras also have great range so even from long distances you are protected.

    Dome cameras – Unlike pan and tilt cameras dome cameras are emerging as the number one security protection choice. Dome cameras are quick to zoom in on suspects and as well as zoom in on the suspects face without losing picture quality in the process. All of them can be wired to sensors so as soon as they are tripped it will spin in any direction 360 degrees to the point of the beam break. They can also be programmed to spin to any point you wish working around the clock to automatically record and cover chosen areas.

    The good thing about all our security systems is they can be incorporated with all our access control systems. We can provide you with the full setup all in one system.

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  • - dr L. Brick

    Our return on investment with UAC Access Control Los Angeles was about a year, because we were spending so much money on keys prior to installing the system, we have been able to lower incidences of patients going into public spaces, and the control over staff access has been incredible.
  • - Mr J. Brown

    Every time I call you guys for help your technicians are very proficient, very accurate and very knowledgeable on your system. I love your equipment and I am going to keep using it every time I get the chance. Thank you!
  • - Mr A. Selfridge

    UAC Access Control Los Angeles as a company has always satisfied me with their expertise in access control and customer service. I would recommend you to anyone that asks.